13mm Single Prong Belt – Black Edition

Size Guide

More to love. [left]We heard the strongest of the strong were looking for more from their equipment, and so we answered. The Black Edition was created to cater to those who lift heavy — really, really heavy. Our Single Prong Belt is on the scene to keep your midsection supported while you heave 3 plates, a fridge and 1994 Mercedes E-Class* over your head. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

*Don’t try this at home. Or anywhere else, really.

  • This belt ain’t goin’ nowhere. Premium leather, a seamless roller, and a single reinforced prong. A recipe for success that you can take to the squat rack, bench, or anywhere else your training takes you.

    3mm more, that is. Thicker than ever, and our first single-prong release, this Black Edition belt is your answer for the heaviest lifts in your repertoire.

    Fabric: Leather & Suede.