Active Dry Compression Pants - Grey

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Men Sizing Chart - Bottoms


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 SIZE CHEST (in.) WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 33-37 27-31 34-37 120-160
M 37-42 31-35 37-41 160-180
L 43-44 35-39 41-44 180-220
XL 44-48 39-44 44-48 220-260


 SIZE WAIST (in.) HIPS (in.) Inside Leg Length (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 26-31 33-38 32.25 120-160
M 31-34 38-41 32.5 160-180
L 34-38 41-44 32.75 180-220
XL 38-43 44-48 33.25 220-260

Bodyweight column is an indicator based on the average customers weight.


 SIZE WAIST (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 24-29 100-150
M 30-33 150-180
L 34-38 180-220
XL 38-43 220-260


 SIZE Below Knee (in.) bodyweight* (lb)
S 12-13 100-150
M 13-15 150-200
L 15-16 200-260

Bodyweight column is an indicator based on the average customers weight.

Keeps you dry at all cost.[left]

Intense workout? We have the answer!

Sport, Running or Lifting, the Active Dry Compression Pants will stabilize your muscles.They will help you go through anything not like other training garments.The comfort, flexibility and breathability of this product act like a second skin on you. 

Model: 5’10”, 185 lb, wearing size medium.

  • Sweat-Wicking:

    Featuring a specialized wicking fabric that pulls moisture away from the body. The moisture can evaporate more easily outside the compression garment.

    Four-Way Stretch:

    A unique blend allows the garment fibres to stretch in four different ways. Promoting an unmatched range of motion.


    Unique garment ready for anything you will throw at it. The A.D.C Compression is the definition of incredible athletic wear.

    Grey Compression Fabric: 55% Nylon, 38% Polyester, 7% Spandex